Using Countersketch Studio to Create Custom Jewelry in Portland, OR

Custom design means a piece has been specially created to meet an individual's preferences and requirements. At Goldmark Jewelers we use time-honored techniques and old-world craftsmanship from the early concept forward, to craft unique pieces of original jewelry. To make our one-of-a-kind custom creations we sketch the design for client approval. Then carefully carve a design by hand to create an accurate mock-up model in wax. Once that is approved, we'd make the piece.

In 2011 we initiated a new phase in our approach to the custom creation of your ring and obtained a new jewelry design software program. When the design is traditional, contemporary, or built on a simpler form there is a cost savings to you in utilizing this state of the art 3D imaging software to plan the ring and layout of the wax model.

Countersketch Studio, our new 3D design software gives us an alternative way to design your jewelry. Beginning with a design chosen from our exclusive video catalog of 500 ring ideas this powerful software allows us to show you options and modifications as they happen in 3D color images. It's fun and it's magical. Come in and watch as we take a ring you like and transform it into the ring you really want. Check out the video and see what the excitement is all about then you need to come in and try it out. It's the future of jewelry design, here now, just when you need it, for your next one-of-a-kind ring.

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