Wedding Rings in Portland, OR

Brides in Portland, OR get their wedding ring ideas from many places like magazines, a friend's ring, family jewelry, and window shopping. Wedding rings and diamond bridal sets are made in an almost endless array of forms and styles and are usually made up of two or three rings fitting together to become a completed look or design and thatís why itís called a diamond bridal set or wedding set. Traditionally the engagement ring is set with your larger stone, usually a diamond, and accented with smaller diamonds or colored gemstones. Fitting next to that is the matching or complimentary styled wedding band, frequently set with additional stones, and you may even like adding a third band to make a symmetrical look, and we still call that your bridal wedding set.

To make contemporary diamond bridal sets which are truly individual, Goldmark Jewelers has presented combinations of metals and gemstones to create a totally new look, and if you'd like, we can incorporate shapes, symbols, or carvings that are important to you in your design. We recently made a beautiful ring that was carved to resemble mountain climbing ropes with knots and yes, they are both climbers.

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Bridal sets can be made to evoke an era or a style whether ancient or modern and just about any shape or style ring can be matched up with a band that reflects the same design theme. We've had many women in Portland bring us their beautiful vintage engagement ring, wishing they could have a band to a match with their treasured antique but found nothing anywhere that would fit and look right as a wedding set.

At Goldmark, we've been able to fulfill many couple's wishes for a wedding set look their antique engagement ring and the result is a stunning two ring bridal set that looks vintage but adds a new ring made just for them, giving them a completed wedding set that is unlike anything anyone else has. Itís very satisfying to design a new band that will actually add beauty to the look of a brideís wonderful old ring and knowing that the result will bring years of wearing pleasure and a new part of the heirloom to pass along. Show others what matters to you with jewelry that is specially designed and made to fit you and make you happy each time you look at it.